What NOT To Do In Order to Rank A YouTube Video!

Before we get to the part where I tell you how to rank a video in less than 60 seconds in positions 1 – 3 on YouTube. First, you need to know what NOT to do, and there is this one thing everybody falls victim to. That is how I know because I fell for the same BS!

NEVER, EVER BUY VIEWS, SUBSCRIBERS, AND WATCH TIME! – And I can assure you, a lot of people might try to burn me for saying this. But, I don’t care! It is time someone put these scammers in their place, and reveal how they “con” people! Because they destroy people’s opportunities with their fake robotic hits, fake profile followers, and fake everything!

The YouTube algorithm is not an idiot and buying these fake profile followers and robotic hits will destroy your ranking capability with anything.

So please, stay away from buying any “traffic packages” for that matter, and I can mention the site, but I’m not in the mood for arguing with fake people!

You do not need their fakeness to build your online empire, there are billions of visitors per month on the internet. All you need to do is learn how to step in front of the floods of traffic that have been available for FREE for decades! But that’s a topic for another time.


Ranking a video is the easy part, maintaining that ranking position, not so much. You need consistent views and engagement on your videos to maintain the ranking position. Buying fake traffic will sink your video before you even had a snowball’s chance in hell to rank on YouTube.

If a “targeted” visitor costs you less than 50 cents to $1.50 (PER VISITOR), then you are buying fake visitors and fake everything. If 1000 followers/subscribers cost you $10, then it is as fake as the person selling you their scam! There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs!

How to rank YouTube video ethical way!

In my opinion, based on years of failure and 11 YouTube channels later, there are 6 main areas to focus on when optimizing your YouTube videos. I have placed them below in order of importance. Because I think your YouTube video thumbnail is the most important part of maintaining your ranking position.

Why do I say that? Because you need views, watch time, and engagement to maintain your video ranking position. And your video thumbnail is the first thing your visitor sees in the YouTube feed. Or in any feed for that matter. Below are your 4 focus points.

  1. Video Thumbnail.
  2. Video Title.
  3. Video Tags.
  4. Video Hashtags.
  5. Video Settings.
  6. Video-Sharing Options.

But, especially with your video thumbnail, there is one important factor you need to remember. Always place any text you use on your video thumbnail, in the centre of the image. Because in many feeds, especially on mobile devices, the image gets cropped from the sides.

If you place your text to the side of the video thumbnail, then chances are your message is completely lost. This will also mean your video is bleeding visitors and views. But your video thumbnail must also create curiosity.

And there’s your answer right there, in a word, curiosity! You may also notice that I have focused the prompt to watch and subscribe on the thumbnail. Always asking people to subscribe to your video, in the video itself, to me, is old news and rather annoying.

A Quick Look at the 5 Remaining Focus Points for Rank Youtube Video

Before you start any design or video content, your journey to rank a video on YouTube starts with Google Trends. You need to establish which search phrases are trending in the GEO (Country) location of the audience you wish to target. But also which search phrases indicate an upward trend. That said, moving on…

Video Title – Try to place the search phrase and/or target keywords as close to the start of the video title as possible. Preferably, try to start your video title with the search phrase you wish to rank for. But focus on the longer search phrases, AKA – Long-Tail Keywords (Usually 3 – 6 words).

Video Tags – AKA – Video target keywords and search phrases. The video tags must be a reflection of the target keyword/s and target search phrase/s. Place the search phrase that you used to start your video title as the first tag, and then work from there.

Video Hashtags – Similar to the target keyword/s and search phrases. But place your 3 most important video hashtags first. Because the first 3 hashtags will also appear below your video. However, for the hashtags to display below your video you must not set a video location in the video settings.

Video Settings – Be sure to set the language of both your video title and description, along with the upload date. Also, decide on the video license attribute. You have 2 options, a standard YouTube license, or, a creative commons license attribute.

The standard YouTube license means you do not give people permission to use your videos. Where the creative commons license allows your viewers to reuse your videos. By using a video downloader, and then upload your videos to their channels.

Video-Sharing Options – When you upload your video, you will have a pop-up window, providing you with sharing options. Use those, because that is where your traffic comes from instead of fake visitors, subscribers, and watch time. Share your videos to the other social platforms provided.

But that is not a “one-time deal”, you want to share your videos at least once or twice per week. Maintaining your video ranking position has no final destination. It is a continuous task to analyze and maintain your YouTube video rank.

Some additional tips for Ranking Youtube video

  1. Use Intro and outro video for Branding.
  2. Promote videos on Social media channels.
  3. Start a blog for YouTube channel.
  4. Use YouTube Playlist.
  5. Use Call to action.
  6. Interview Influencers In Your Niche
  7. YouTube’s Creator Academy
  8. Share your latest video with your YouTube community

While We’re On the YouTube Video Ranking Subject.

I am assuming your question also relates to making money on YouTube. Especially if you have not met the criteria to monetise your videos and have YouTube run ads on them. The requirements for optimizing your videos (to the best of my understanding) are 1000 subscribers and 10,000 watch hours within 12 months.

Obviously, that is going to take a lot of work and time to meet said criteria. This is also the main reason we all fall for the “fast and cheap” views, subscribers, and watch time! We all fall in that same stupid hole because we like to believe there is a shortcut to success. There is not!

You can however make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing and using videos with creative commons license attributes. Many of your affiliate products on affiliate networks do have creative commons license videos for you to use and promote their products.

Although making your own videos may often be better, all I’m saying is that you have options. There are several ways to make money with videos, without ever creating any. But it is just one of many different content marketing strategies used by successful affiliate marketers.

You can choose to use these creative commons videos to promote affiliate offers on YouTube, and simply apply the same SEO strategy laid out above. But actually generating sales will depend much on the video quality, along with the video ranking position on YouTube. This is exactly why I recommend using long-tail keywords (search phrases).

It is a sure way to be certain that the person viewing your video, is most probably interested in the product. “Product Review” titles can be used, but it is a strategy widely used so choosing the right title may be challenging. Because you don’t want to “repeat the same old tune” over, and over, and over again.

Unique and compelling content is always much more likely to lead to a sale and earn a commission. It always is, and always will be about the quality of your content. Because making money online does not mean becoming a salesman. It means you have to become a problem solver!